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ConsortiEX Support

ConsortiEX prides itself in our commitment and service to our customers. This commitment extends beyond satisfying compliance requirements. We want your users to have a painless experience using our solutions. 

  1. 24/7 Application Support – No matter the time of day, your users can get in contact with the ConsortiEX Support Team, via phone, email or web.
        • (888) 434-1422 | for critical issues, within 2 hours
        • | for non-critical issues, by next business day.
        • Web Form – Click Here
  2. We value your feedback! ConsortiEX Supports puts your feedback into action, leading to application improvements, new features and functionality. 
  3.  100% US Based Support
  4. Now Introducing ConsortiEX University a self-guided online training platform, more details below.

ConsortiEX University: 

ConsortiEX University is a self guided user-training portal made available via web browser and through the Canvas Mobile App. This service is made available to all users at no extra cost. 


Easily Train New Users

NDC Validation

Track User Progress


Certificate of Completion for Each Course

We train your users

– Login from any browser, at any time!

– A-la-carté trainings, under 10 minutes each.

Available at no extra cost to all users.

Want to Learn More about ConsortiEX Univeristy?