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Worry-Free Compliance, from the Industry Leading DSCSA Compliance Provider

The proud compliance provider to 16 of the top 20 hospitals in the nation.

DSCSA Compliance as a Service 

DSCSA Compliance as a Service shifts the burden of compliance from away from dispensers, as we treat your compliance as our compliance. Our comprehensive data collection and product traceability services minimize the FTE time required for you to be compliant. 

ConsortiEX pursues EDI connections from all available vendors, in addition to reviewing and processing any provided paper T3s. 

Our Support Team helps set to us apart, with 24/7 availability and fully staffed in the US. 

All users have access to ConsortiEX University, an online training portal for our applications.  


Industry Leaders


EDI Lines Processed


Paper Line Items Processed


Partner Hospitals

Current DSCSA Compliance Requirements:

An effective DSCSA Compliance plan addresses six key requirements:


Confirm trading partner licenses & registrations


Receive, validate, and store DSCSA Transaction Data


Investigate and quarantine  illegitimate drugs


Notify the FDA, and trading partners, of illegitimate drugs  


Respond to audits inspections and inquiries


Only Accept Product with a 2D Data Matrix Barcode

DSCSA, Looking Ahead 

Current DSCSA requirements fill many gaps in ensuring supply chain security, but not all.

ConsortiEX Introduced Verify on Receipt™ as a premier compliance solution, offering benefits extending beyond the current and future DSCSA requirements. 


EPCIS data is used to track decommissioned, destroyed, dispensed or expired product, saleable returns, or voided orders. 

GLN (Global Location Number) is a unique location identifier that tracks movement of product to specific locations within your supply chain.

Learn what makes DSCSA Compliance as a Service the Industry Leading DSCSA Compliance Solution